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Class DynamicClassLoader

  extended by java.lang.ClassLoader
      extended by java.security.SecureClassLoader
          extended by java.net.URLClassLoader
              extended by org.apache.jmeter.DynamicClassLoader

public class DynamicClassLoader
extends URLClassLoader

This is a basic URL classloader for loading new resources dynamically. It allows public access to the addURL() method. It also adds a convenience method to update the current thread classloader

Constructor Summary
DynamicClassLoader(URL[] urls)
DynamicClassLoader(URL[] urls, ClassLoader parent)
DynamicClassLoader(URL[] urls, ClassLoader parent, URLStreamHandlerFactory factory)
Method Summary
 void addURL(URL url)
static void updateLoader(URL[] urls)
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Constructor Detail


public DynamicClassLoader(URL[] urls)


public DynamicClassLoader(URL[] urls,
                          ClassLoader parent)


public DynamicClassLoader(URL[] urls,
                          ClassLoader parent,
                          URLStreamHandlerFactory factory)
Method Detail


public void addURL(URL url)
addURL in class URLClassLoader


public static void updateLoader(URL[] urls)
urls - - list of URLs to add to the thread's classloader

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