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Package org.apache.jmeter.control

Interface Summary
Controller This interface is used by JMeterThread in the following manner: while (running && (sampler = controller.next()) !
ReplaceableController This interface represents a controller that gets replaced during the compilation phase of test execution in an arbitrary way.

Class Summary
CriticalSectionController This is a Critical Section Controller; it will execute the set of statements (samplers/controllers, etc) under named lock.
ForeachController ForeachController that iterates over a list of variables named XXXX_NN stored in JMeterVariables where NN is a number starting from 1 to number of occurences.
GenericController This class is the basis for all the controllers.
IfController This is a Conditional Controller; it will execute the set of statements (samplers/controllers, etc) while the 'condition' is true.
InterleaveControl Alternate among each of the children controllers or samplers for each loop iteration
LoopController Class that implements the Loop Controller, ie iterate infinitely or a configured number of times
ModuleController The goal of ModuleController is to add modularity to JMeter.
OnceOnlyController Controller to run its children once per cycle.
RandomController Controller that rans randomly one of it's children on each iteration
RandomOrderController A controller that runs its children each at most once, but in a random order.
RunTime Runtime Controller that runs its children until configured Runtime(s) is exceeded
SwitchController Implements a controller which selects at most one of its children based on the condition value, which may be a number or a string.
ThroughputController This class represents a controller that can control the number of times that it is executed, either by the total number of times the user wants the controller executed (BYNUMBER) or by the percentage of time it is called (BYPERCENT) The current implementation executes the first N samples (BYNUMBER) or the last N% of samples (BYPERCENT).
TransactionController Transaction Controller to measure transaction times There are two different modes for the controller: - generate additional total sample after nested samples (as in JMeter 2.2) - generate parent sampler containing the nested samples
TransactionSampler Transaction Sampler class to measure transaction times (not exposed a a GUI class, as it is only used internally by TransactionController in Generate Parent sample mode)

Exception Summary
NextIsNullException Used by the Generic and Interleave controllers to signal the end of their samples

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