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Package org.apache.jmeter.protocol.http.control

Interface Summary
CookieHandler Interface to be implemented by CookieHandler

Class Summary
AuthManager This class provides a way to provide Authorization in jmeter requests.
Authorization This class is an Authorization encapsulator.
CacheManager Handles HTTP Caching
Cookie This class is a Cookie encapsulator.
CookieManager This class provides an interface to the netscape cookies file to pass cookies along with a request.
DNSCacheManager This config element provides ability to have flexible control over DNS caching function.
HC3CookieHandler HTTPClient 3.1 implementation
Header This class is an HTTP Header encapsulator.
HeaderManager This class provides an interface to headers file to pass HTTP headers along with a request.
HttpMirrorControl Test element that implements the Workbench HTTP Mirror function
HttpMirrorServer Server daemon thread.
HttpMirrorThread Thread to handle one client request.
KerberosManager Takes in charge Kerberos auth mechanism

Enum Summary

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