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Class JavaTest

  extended by org.apache.jmeter.protocol.java.sampler.AbstractJavaSamplerClient
      extended by org.apache.jmeter.protocol.java.test.JavaTest
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, JavaSamplerClient

public class JavaTest
extends AbstractJavaSamplerClient
implements Serializable

The JavaTest class is a simple sampler which is intended for use when developing test plans. The sampler generates results internally, so does not need access to any external resources such as web, ftp or LDAP servers. In addition, because the exact values of most of the SampleResult can be directly set, it is possible to easily test most Assertions that use the sample results.

During each sample, this client will sleep for some amount of time. The amount of time to sleep is determined from the two parameters Sleep_Time and Sleep_Mask using the formula:

 totalSleepTime = Sleep_Time + (System.currentTimeMillis() % Sleep_Mask)
Thus, the Sleep_Mask provides a way to add a random component to the sleep time.

The sampler is able to define the precise values of:

  - responseCode
  - responseMessage
  - Label
  - success/fail status

The elapsed time and end-time cannot be directly controlled.

Note: this class was derived from SleepTest.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
          The default value of the SleepMask parameter.
          The default value of the SleepTime parameter, in milliseconds.
Constructor Summary
          Default constructor for JavaTest.
Method Summary
 Arguments getDefaultParameters()
          Provide a list of parameters which this test supports.
 SampleResult runTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
          Perform a single sample.
 void setupTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
          Do any initialization required by this client.
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getLogger, teardownTest
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Field Detail


public static final long DEFAULT_SLEEP_TIME
The default value of the SleepTime parameter, in milliseconds.

See Also:
Constant Field Values


public static final long DEFAULT_SLEEP_MASK
The default value of the SleepMask parameter.

See Also:
Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public JavaTest()
Default constructor for JavaTest. The Java Sampler uses the default constructor to instantiate an instance of the client class.

Method Detail


public void setupTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
Do any initialization required by this client. There is none, as it is done in runTest() in order to be able to vary the data for each sample.

Specified by:
setupTest in interface JavaSamplerClient
setupTest in class AbstractJavaSamplerClient
context - the context to run with. This provides access to initialization parameters.


public Arguments getDefaultParameters()
Provide a list of parameters which this test supports. Any parameter names and associated values returned by this method will appear in the GUI by default so the user doesn't have to remember the exact names. The user can add other parameters which are not listed here. If this method returns null then no parameters will be listed. If the value for some parameter is null then that parameter will be listed in the GUI with an empty value.

Specified by:
getDefaultParameters in interface JavaSamplerClient
getDefaultParameters in class AbstractJavaSamplerClient
a specification of the parameters used by this test which should be listed in the GUI, or null if no parameters should be listed.


public SampleResult runTest(JavaSamplerContext context)
Perform a single sample.
In this case, this method will simply sleep for some amount of time. This method returns a SampleResult object.

  The following fields are always set:
  - responseCode (default "")
  - responseMessage (default "")
  - label (set from LABEL_NAME parameter if it exists, else element name)
  - success (default true)

The following fields are set from the user-defined parameters, if supplied:
 -samplerData - responseData

Specified by:
runTest in interface JavaSamplerClient
context - the context to run with. This provides access to initialization parameters.
a SampleResult giving the results of this sample.
See Also:
SampleResult.sampleStart(), SampleResult.sampleEnd(), SampleResult.setSuccessful(boolean), SampleResult.setSampleLabel(String), SampleResult.setResponseCode(String), SampleResult.setResponseMessage(String), SampleResult.setResponseData(byte []), SampleResult.setDataType(String)

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