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Package org.apache.jmeter.testbeans.gui

Interface Summary
SharedCustomizer Tagging interface to mark a customizer class as shareable among elements of the same type.

Class Summary
BooleanPropertyEditor Property Editor which handles Boolean properties.
FileEditor A property editor for File properties.
GenericTestBeanCustomizer The GenericTestBeanCustomizer is designed to provide developers with a mechanism to quickly implement GUIs for new components.
IntegerPropertyEditor Property Editor which handles Integer properties.
LongPropertyEditor Property Editor which handles Long properties.
PasswordEditor This class implements a property editor for non-null String properties that supports custom editing (i.e.: provides a GUI component) based on a text field.
TableEditor Table editor for TestBean GUI properties.
TestBeanGUI JMeter GUI element editing for TestBean elements.

Enum Summary
TypeEditor Allow direct specification of property editors.

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