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Class ListenerNotifier

  extended by org.apache.jmeter.threads.ListenerNotifier

public class ListenerNotifier
extends Object

Processes sample events. The current implementation processes events in the calling thread using notifyListeners(SampleEvent, List) The other code is not used currently, so is commented out.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void notifyListeners(SampleEvent res, List<SampleListener> listeners)
          Notify a list of listeners that a sample has occurred.
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Constructor Detail


public ListenerNotifier()
Method Detail


public void notifyListeners(SampleEvent res,
                            List<SampleListener> listeners)
Notify a list of listeners that a sample has occurred.

res - the sample event that has occurred. Must be non-null.
listeners - a list of the listeners which should be notified. This list must not be null and must contain only SampleListener elements.

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