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Interface TestCompilerHelper

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractThreadGroup, CriticalSectionController, ForeachController, GenericController, IfController, IncludeController, InterleaveControl, LoopController, ModuleController, OnceOnlyController, PostThreadGroup, ProxyControl, RandomController, RandomOrderController, RecordingController, RunTime, SetupThreadGroup, SwitchController, TestFragmentController, ThreadGroup, ThroughputController, TransactionController, WhileController

public interface TestCompilerHelper

Bug 53796 - TestCompiler uses static Set which can grow huge This interface is a means to allow the pair data to be saved with the parent instance, thus allowing it to be garbage collected when the thread completes. This uses a bit more memory, as each controller test element includes the data structure to contain the child element. However, there is no need to store the parent element.


Method Summary
 boolean addTestElementOnce(TestElement child)
          Add child test element only if it has not already been added.

Method Detail


boolean addTestElementOnce(TestElement child)
Add child test element only if it has not already been added.

Only for use by TestCompiler.

child - the TestElement to be added
true if the child was added

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