Class SSLManagerCommand

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@AutoService(Command.class) public class SSLManagerCommand extends AbstractAction
SSL Manager Command. The SSL Manager provides a mechanism to change your client authentication if required by the server. If you have JSSE 1.0.2 installed, you can select your client identity from a list of installed keys. You can also change your keystore. JSSE 1.0.2 allows you to export a PKCS#12 key from Netscape 4.04 or higher and use it in a read only format. You must supply a password that is greater than six characters due to limitations in the keytool program--and possibly the rest of the system.

By selecting a *.p12 file as your keystore (your PKCS#12) format file, you can have a whopping one key keystore. The advantage is that you can test a connection using the assigned Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

TODO ? N.B. The present implementation does not seem to allow selection of keys, it only allows a change of keystore at run-time, or to provide one if not already defined via the property.
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    • SSLManagerCommand

      public SSLManagerCommand()
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      public void doAction(ActionEvent e)
      Handle the "sslmanager" action by displaying the "SSL CLient Manager" dialog box. The Dialog Box is NOT modal, because those should be avoided if at all possible.
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      doAction in interface Command
      doAction in class AbstractAction
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      public Set<String> getActionNames()
      Provide the list of Action names that are available in this command.