This package contains the report generation classes for report dashboard.
  • Class
    The Class AbstractDataExporter provides a base class for DataExporter.
    The Interface DataExporter represents an engine to export data from samples consumption.
    The class ExportException provides an exception when data export fails.
    The class GenerationException provides an exception when report generation fails.
    The class HtmlTemplateExporter provides a data exporter that generates and processes template files using freemarker.
    Implementation of DataExporter that exports statistics to JSON
    The class JsonizerVisitor provides a visitor that can get json-like string from ResultData.
    The class ReportGenerator provides a way to generate all the templated files of the plugin.
    Statistics about a Transaction (Sampler or TransactionController)
    The class TemplateVisitor visits files in a template directory to copy regular files and process templated ones.