Class StatisticalSampleSender

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, SampleSender

public class StatisticalSampleSender extends AbstractSampleSender implements Serializable
Implements batch reporting for remote testing.
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  • Constructor Details

    • StatisticalSampleSender

      @Deprecated public StatisticalSampleSender()
      only for use by test code
  • Method Details

    • testEnded

      public void testEnded(String host)
      Checks if any sample events are still present in the sampleStore and sends them to the listener. Informs the listener that the test ended.
      Specified by:
      testEnded in interface SampleSender
      host - the hostname that the test has ended on.
    • sampleOccurred

      public void sampleOccurred(SampleEvent e)
      Stores sample events until either a time or sample threshold is breached. Both thresholds are reset if one fires. If only one threshold is set it becomes the only value checked against. When a threshold is breached the list of sample events is sent to a listener where the event are fired locally.
      Specified by:
      sampleOccurred in interface SampleSender
      e - a Sample Event