Class JMeterContextService


public final class JMeterContextService extends Object
Provides context service for JMeter threads. Keeps track of active and total thread counts.
  • Method Details

    • getContext

      public static JMeterContext getContext()
      Gives access to the current thread context.
      the current thread Context
    • replaceContext

      public static void replaceContext(JMeterContext context)
      Replace Thread Context by the parameter.
      context - JMeterContext
    • startTest

      public static void startTest()
      Method is called by the JMeterEngine class when a test run is started. Zeroes numberOfActiveThreads. Saves current time in a field and in the JMeter property "TESTSTART.MS"
    • getNumberOfThreads

      public static int getNumberOfThreads()
      Get the number of currently active threads
      active thread count
    • getThreadCounts

      public static JMeterContextService.ThreadCounts getThreadCounts()
    • endTest

      public static void endTest()
      Called by MainFrame#testEnded(). Clears start time field.
    • getTestStartTime

      public static long getTestStartTime()
    • getTotalThreads

      public static int getTotalThreads()
      Get the total number of threads (>= active)
      total thread count
    • addTotalThreads

      public static void addTotalThreads(int thisGroup)
      Update the total number of threads
      thisGroup - number of threads in this thread group
    • clearTotalThreads

      public static void clearTotalThreads()
      Set total threads to zero; also clears started and finished counts
    • getClientSideVariables

      public static JMeterVariables getClientSideVariables()
      Get all variables accessible for JMeter client in a distributed test (only test plan and user defined variables) Note this is a read-only collection
      JMeterVariables available for JMeter client
    • initClientSideVariables

      public static void initClientSideVariables(JMeterVariables clientSideVariables)
      Set variables for JMeter client in a distributed test (INTERNAL API)
      clientSideVariables - JMeterVariables
    • resetClientSideVariables

      public static void resetClientSideVariables()
      Reset client side variables in a distributed mode