Nightly builds for developers

What are the nightly builds?

The nightly builds are interim builds that are untested and unsupported. Use at your own risk!
These unreleased builds may not even load, may have undocumented features, known defects, and any number of other issues.
They are intended for use by developers and others wishing to help with resolving JMeter bugs.

These builds should not be used in production.

Last Build status on Jenkins

Last Quality Report on Sonar

Apache JMeter quality report

Where are the nightly builds?

JMeter CI builds are currently run by Jenkins and Buildbot

These are located at:

What do they consist of?

JMeter is distributed as a set of zip (or tar-gz) archive files as are the released versions. You can find the bundles:

For each file you will also find a hash (MD5, SHA) that allows you to test its integrity.

Using the nightly builds

Just unzip the bundle and use it as you would use any release.

Warning - please note!

The nightly builds may or may not work properly - or at all.

If there is a problem with a particular version, it is worth reporting this on the JMeter-dev mailing list and/or open a bug and/or trying again in a day or two.

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