Class JMeterUIDefaults


public class JMeterUIDefaults extends Object
Configures JMeter-specific properties as UIDefaults properties for on-the-fly LaF updates.

The workflow is as follows:

  • LaF is initialized, and it initializes its defaults (e.g. colors, keymaps, styles)
  • UIManager fires lookAndFeel property change event
  • JMeterUIDefaults handles the even and augments the properties (e.g. scales fonts, adds JMeter-specific colors)

The sequence enables the components to use extra properties for styling the components

For instance, label.setForeground( should not be used for styling the components as the black colour might be hard to read in certain themes. That is why the styles should be named (e.g. LABEL_ERROR_FOREGROUND), so the actual value could be adapted to a given theme without making changes to the component code

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