This package contains the components used for parsing the load test results and writing the computed results.
  • Class
    Base class for implementing sample writer.
    The class ControllerSamplePredicate provides a way to define whether a sample is a controller.
    The class Converters provides converters of string.
    The class ConvertException provides an exception when ConvertStringMethod.execute fails.
    Represents a CSV file
    Reader class for reading CSV files.
    Class to be used to write samples to a csv destination (OutputStream, Writer or a File).
    The class DataContext provides a map to store data for reports generation.
    The class JsonUtil provides helper functions to generate Json.
    Represents a sample read from a CSV source.
    This class is meant to simplify the building of samples.
    Defines a comparator for Sample instances
    Thrown when some sample processing occurred
    Describe samples structure by holding sample column names and theirs matching indexes.
    Simple parser to get a SampleMetadata instance
    The interface SamplePredicate represents a predicate to apply to a sample.
    The interface SampleSelector represents a typed projection from a sample.
    Describes sample writer basic operations.

    Basically a sample writer is able to write samples to an unknown destination and close itself.
    The interface StringConverter represents a converter from a string to another type.
    The class TimeHelper provides helper functions to ease time displaying.