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This page details the changes made in the current version only.
Earlier changes are detailed in the History of Previous Changes.

Version 2.13


New and Noteworthy

New Elements

New Async BackendListener with Graphite implementation

A new Async BackendListener has been added to allow sending result data to a backend listener. JMeter ships with a GraphiteBackendListenerClient that allows sending results to a Graphite server using Pickle ot Plaintext protocols. You can implement your own backend by extending AbstractBackendListenerClient. This backend could be a database (JDBC), a Message Oriented Middleware (JMS), a Webservice or anything you want.

This is the kind of Live Dashboard you can obtain using Grafana and InfluxDB
Read this for more details.

Grafana dashboard
Grafana dashboard

Core Improvements

New connect time metric

Starting with this version a new metric called connectTime has been added. It represents the time to establish connection. By default it is not saved to CSV or XML, to have it saved add to user.properties:

Aggregate Graph and Report

The listeners Aggregate Graph and Aggregate Report previously showed only the 90 percentile (historical behavior), the 95 percentile and the 99 percentile have been added and are customizable. To setup the percentiles value you want, add to user.properties:

HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

Now component is able to detect authentication schemes and automatically adds a pre-configured HTTP Authorization Manager with the correct Mechanism.

HTTP Request

The CalDAV verbs (Calendar extensions to WebDAV) REPORT and MKCALENDAR have been added in the HTTP Request sampler.

JDBC Request

The ResultSet can be get as a object, this allows to handle more easily the results after in BeanShell, JSR223 scripts...

Distributed Testing

To allow better usage of Distributed Testing in the cloud, retry behaviour has been added when starting test on servers. Read this for more details.

Distributed Testing performance

Since JMeter 2.13, Stripping modes (StrippingBatch being the default mode) now also strip responses from SubResults improving consumed network bandwidth.

Documentation refresh

A new style for website (responsive and more up to date) has been created by Felix Schumacher. Documentations have been refreshed particularly:

GUI Improvements

Module Controller

The Module Controller now shows the target controller in a tree view (instead of combo list).


JMeter's toolbar has been refreshed for some icons (start, toogle, etc.). Three sizes are now avialable for the icons: 22x22, 32x32 and 48x48.
The property to define your prefered size is:

with the value 22x22 (default size), 32x32 or 48x48.

The toolbar with 22x22 pixels icons

The toolbar with 32x32 pixels icons

The toolbar with 48x48 pixels icons

HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

If your Test Plan does not contains a Recording Controller, a new warning message will appear if the HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder is configured to send the samples into a Recording Controller.

Incompatible changes


HTTP Samplers and Test Script Recorder

Other samplers



Timers, Assertions, Config, Pre- & Post-Processors




Non-functional changes

Bug fixes

HTTP Samplers and Test Script Recorder

Other Samplers



Timers, Assertions, Config, Pre- & Post-Processors



We thank all contributors mentioned in bug and improvement sections above:

We also thank bug reporters who helped us improve JMeter.
For this release we want to give special thanks to the following reporters for the clear reports and tests made after our fixes: Apologies if we have omitted anyone else.

Known bugs