Interface Controller

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, TestElement
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractThreadGroup, CriticalSectionController, ForeachController, GenericController, IfController, IncludeController, InterleaveControl, LoopController, ModuleController, OnceOnlyController, PostThreadGroup, ProxyControl, RandomController, RandomOrderController, RecordingController, RunTime, SetupThreadGroup, SwitchController, TestFragmentController, ThreadGroup, ThroughputController, TransactionController, WhileController

public interface Controller extends TestElement
This interface is used by JMeterThread in the following manner:

while (running && (sampler = != null)

  • Method Details

    • next

      Sampler next()
      Delivers the next Sampler or null
      org.apache.jmeter.samplers.Sampler or null
    • isDone

      boolean isDone()
      Indicates whether the Controller is done delivering Samplers for the rest of the test. When the top-level controller returns true to JMeterThread, the thread is complete.
    • addIterationListener

      void addIterationListener(LoopIterationListener listener)
      Controllers have to notify listeners of when they begin an iteration through their sub-elements.
      listener - The LoopIterationListener to add
    • initialize

      void initialize()
      Called to initialize a controller at the beginning of a test iteration.
    • removeIterationListener

      void removeIterationListener(LoopIterationListener iterationListener)
      Unregister IterationListener
      iterationListener - LoopIterationListener
    • triggerEndOfLoop

      void triggerEndOfLoop()
      Trigger end of loop condition on controller (used by Start Next Loop feature)